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Le Chemin Composé

Les Traversées du Marais Festival, Paris
September 6–7, 2019

Le Chemin Composé is a site-specific project that explores the Marais as the arena for medieval scientific exploration, in which freedom of thought led to an expanded worldview framed by natural and spiritual forces.

Medieval scientists saw the world as a confluence of the visible and the invisible. It was through chemical and intellectual exploration that they rendered understandable an otherwise irrational and mysterious world. The quest for the true nature of spirits, divine essences, planetary influences, and mineral and vegetal secrets fueled early scientific explorations. Through this process, the clerical monopoly of knowledge was challenged by amateur scientists, travellers, chemists, heretics, and philosophers.

Specially created for the Traversées du Marais Festival, the exhibition includes drawings, installations, and video works that muse on the different symbols, materials, processes, and secrets that alchemists thought to be contained in every living being and in the universe.

All works on display are the result of exploratory trips through the streets of the iconic 4th arrondissement. The project involved collaborations with artists Judith Neunhäeuserer and Tania Hernández.



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