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Systémes de circulation, curated by Claudia Arozqueta, was presented at Coop Lezarts, Montreal, 2023.

The Surveillance Awareness Bureau was included in the publication  Urgent Moments (Wellington, Massey University Press, 2023), 150-151.

Ghost Walker” on view as part of the exhibition “Walk With Us”, Rochester Arts Center, May 14 - March 19, 2023.

“Walk With Us” MPLSART.COM, July 1, 2022.

Artists residency, Soma Mexico, Mexico City, November 2021.

Mark Amery (ed.) “Surveillance Awareness Bureau” in Brokered Dreams: 98 Uses for Vacant Space (Wellington, New Zealand: Letting Space and Wellington Independent Arts Trust, 2020) 92.

Modelab Talk, Soma Mexico, February 10, 2020

“Transient Flows” Reviews by Zoe Yeh and Rikey Cheng, Taipei, June, 2019.

“Hole in the Wall” Rogue, March-April 2018.

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“Ghost Walker”: Una Caminata Imposible por la Historia de la Ciudad de México”, Canal 22, August 17, 2016.
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“Circuit Cast Episode 19” Circuit Artist Film and Video Aotearoa New Zealand, March 19, 2015.

Modelab, “Pacífica” Meteorito, Verano 2015.

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