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Future Mirrors 

Digital publication, 2015

Since ancient times, humankind has tried to tame uncertainty by embodying it in a topos or extrapolating it into known systems of belief. Therefore, futurity is envisioned as a coherent superstructure without really giving serious afterthoughts to what exactly are their components, and how these came to existence.

The truth is that every object, system or belief, even dreams and visions, speaks volumes of the context in which was created, the people and the ideology that crafted it, and more importantly, its function and symbolism throughout time. Future Mirrors seeks to draw a cartography of future knowledge: a sort of prospective archaeology.

Departing from their own disciplines and fields of study, we ask diverse specialists to imagine what could be useful and desirable (or abhorrent and thus avoidable) for their field of knowledge.

Participants: Miguel Alcubierre, Vivette García Deister, Raph Kim, Kerry Ann Lee, Geert Lovink, Michael J. Montoya, Ryuta Nakajima, Luis Ortiz-Catedral, Ned Rossiter, Nina Valkanova


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