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Laura, Lucy, Mark, and Felix

Kate Newby
Oriental Bay, Wellington, 5.30 – 6.30pm
December 10–16,  2014

Wanting to get out of the room after several days of rain, we decided to hit the bay. Brisk wake-up walk. It took us a while but we are finally here. Golden sand, azure blue water. Man-made. Sand and sunshine, a perfect combination. Even on a miserable day it's ok. Well worth a look :) Great place to view the vast and wonderful sky and sea. There’s a lot going on around to watch but still relaxing. You could sit here and watch the world go by. The weather can change four seasons in one day. Not fun in the rain and wind though!! But it's basically *always* windy. Oh, the place of my soul. I'd forgotten the taste of salt spray as you lick it from your lips. Walkers heaven. The sea is a little cold this time of the year but not unbearable; sand is a bit rough. Lovely spot for a picnic. Great gelato. So much in a small area. Well worth the drive. Totally awesome!

"Laura, Lucy, Mark, and Felix" is a casual, ephemeral, and responsive intervention by New Zealand artist Kate Newby in Oriental Bay, Wellington. Coincidentally, Newby used the same materials that were deployed for the beach enhancement in 2004: cement, glass, and timber. An unstable installation that appears and disappears, where different manifestations of sand and colour get together, creating an awareness of the impermanent nature of the everyday and the surroundings.


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