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Radio Ensayo

Thursdays, 5pm

Radio Ensayo, a decentralized web radio station with a focus on experimental sounds and visual arts, launched in response to the pandemic lockdown. Over 500 broadcasts with artists, musicians, actors, and writers from Latin America, North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania were organized by radio program director Rodrigo Azaola. The radio streamed music, recordings, DJ sets, radio plays, readings, conversations, and interviews in Spanish and English. Also, collaborations and take-overs were established with other stations such as Radio Alhara, Radio Flouka, Montez Press Radio, and Hong Kong Community Radio. Programs included Latente by Claudia Arozqueta; Antropozeno by Robin Canul; Barroqueando by p3k4z;  Via de Acceso by eternet boy & çois agver; etc.

Some of the creators that collaborated with the station are Adriana Knouf, Selman Selma, Coco María, Omsk Social Club, Maria Katzarava, Cristina Rivera Garza, Zimbabwe Music Express, Sonora Mulata, BLVSH,  Extended Asia, Verónica Gerber Bicceci, Saúl Hernández-Vargas, Sayak Valencia, La Bienal de Escucha, Disco Arab, Emeka Ogboh, Sofía Taboas, Radio Jakarta, Natalia Dominguez Rangel, Reece Cox, Zuza Golinska, Tania Candiani, Widows Collective, Paola Torres, Radna Rumping, Gaelle Choisne, DJ Rekha, MIRA新伝統, Shy People China, Juan Duarte Regino, Biblioteka Records, Mindy Seu, Centro Cultural Kappa, Sudan Tape Archives, HCRH, Baesianz, Putivuelta, Invasorix, etc.

“Every home is a radio studio—a live essay”  

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