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Transient Flows

Xindian River Affective Cartography (Work in progress)
Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei

Like river waters flow from the past and present into the future, so does the way we write history. The Xindian River flows through the very heart of Taipei, and it is its living memory and pulsating present. Modelab invites you to create a new map of an old river: a map based on thought and affections, memories and aspirations. This map is anchored in the past, acknowledging the importance of the Xindian creek for Taipei history, but it looks into the future. The affective cartography charters subjective and objetive connections between places, imaginations, wishes and the busy life of an endless river.

This project has been supported by Arc @ UNSW Ltd under their 2018 Art & Design Grants scheme.    

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